Patriot Jailed for Refusing Taxi Driven by Muslim

Lefty judge imprisons Englishman for six months after report from triggered liberal BBC witness

Wednesday 5 April 2017

In echoes of the Kevin Crehan case – the man who died in jail after being imprisoned for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque – a Kent man has been sentenced to six months in prison for refusing to use a cab driven by a Muslim taxi driver.

Kevin Crehan tragically died in prison after being jailed for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque

As reported Monday in left wing rag the Mirror, decorating firm boss Richard Nolan hailed a cab from the Tunbridge Wells taxi rank at the end of an evening out celebrating his birthday on 30 August 2015. Richard, 43, then asked the driver whether he was a Muslim, the cabbie indicated that he was and Richard told him that he didn’t want to use his taxi. 

An argument then ensued where Richard reportedly called the driver a “f****** c*** Muslim” and told him to “go back to his own country”. The article didn’t report what was said by the Muslim to Richard. As other Muslim drivers encircled him and called him “a racist pig”, Richard reportedly told them: “You come over here and look at our women”

When two busybody women who were passing mounted a vigilante crusade and hounded him through the streets, Richard responded by telling them to “read the Koran” and explaining that Muslims were “taking over the country and would kill their children.” 

Amazingly, Richard’s arrest didn’t come as the result of the Muslim taxi driver reporting him but rather due to a lefty BBC worker witnessing the incident and calling the police after becoming triggered on the Islamic taxi driver’s behalf. 

White guilt-ridden BBC man Zac Daunt-Jones was triggered by Richard criticising the ‘religion of peace’

Self-loathing Radio Kent broadcaster Zac Daunt-Jones told police that, despite all evidence to the contrary, he was “not easily offended” but found the abuse to be “vile and appalling”. Another Muslim taxi driver at the rank also filed a complaint. 

When police questioned Richard he explained – quite reasonably you may conclude – that he had a right to air his opinions and to refuse to use a taxi driven by a Muslim.

“He said he had asked the taxi driver if he was free and if he was a Muslim. The taxi driver indicated he was and that led to the defendant saying he didn’t want to use the taxi,” said prosecutor Robert De Banzie.

“He explained to the officer that it was within his rights to decline the taxi because the driver was Muslim and he didn’t agree with their religion, what they teach and what was currently going on in the world with regards to their religion.

“He said he always asks whether taxi drivers are Muslim because he doesn’t want his money going towards them or their religion.”

Amazingly Richard was then charged with racially aggravated harassment causing alarm or distress, cumulating in him being tried and found guilty at Maidstone Crown Court last week. 

Jailing Richard, lefty judge Brian Argyle said society demanded severe punishment for such behaviour.

The PC liberal recorder said, in a grammatically appalling rant: “This was a disgraceful offence where you were using obnoxious language at taxi drivers who were going about their work in an entirely appropriate manner. They were subjected to distressing, insulting and demeaning remarks about their religion.

“The courts must give a clear message that those who threaten and harass law-abiding members of the public using obnoxious and insulting words must be punished, and punished severely.”

A male friend in the public gallery then left the court expressing his disgust by saying: “I’m not English anymore. He didn’t say anything racist.”

The case is all the more shocking as it comes hot on the heels of the case of a vile racist Muslim man escaping prison after spitting on a white baby. 

Vile Muslim racist Rezzas Abdulla escaped punishment after spitting on a nine month old white baby girl

Disgusting Rezzas Abdulla – who, unlike Richard, has previous convictions for race hate offences and “has a problem with white womem” – was slapped on the wrist with a suspended sentence after he spat on a white British baby and told the infant’s mother that “white people shouldn’t breed”.

Repugnant Abdulla, 33, was let off virtually scot-free after leaning into the pushchair of nine month-old Layla-Jean Telford and spitting in her face in the completely unprovoked attack. 

This is also comes after new sentencing guidelines were released by law lords instructing judges to hand out tougher punishments for white offenders in comparison to ethnic minorities. 
We truly do live in a two tier system. 



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