Justice for Chelsey: Mainstream Media Blackout as Police Refuse to Prosecute Refugees Over Gang Rape

Sunderland girl Chelsey Wright drugged, beaten and gang raped by Muslim asylum seekers as police refuse to do a damn thing

Thursday 4 May 2017

Many of you will have no idea what the #justiceforchelsey campaign is all about. Chances are that if you live outside of Sunderland, you will not have the slightest clue. When you hear Chelsey’s story though, you will be amazed that it hasn’t been front page news for weeks – after all there was wall to wall news coverage when an asylum seeker got a black eye, right?

On the early hours of 4 September 2016, mum-of-three Chelsey woke in a strange house with no clothes on and no clue how she had gotten there. A man was in the room, whom Chelsey described as Turkish looking. He refused to let her out of the room, laughed and punched her several times. 

Fortunately for Chelsey, after a time another man entered the room and she managed to slip through the door. As she fled she was kicked down the stairs, at the bottom of which she was menacingly confronted by another three evil, Turkish-looking, thugs before getting thrown up against a wall and being told that her throat would be cut. Somehow though, against all odds, brave Chelsey managed to fight her way out of the front door and into the street. 

Chelsey bravely speaks of her ordeal to Tommy Robinson

An eye witness who lives across the street to the house Chelsey escaped from spoke to Tommy Robinson for a Rebel Media video released today and described what happened next, as she explained that having heard screaming she went to a window and lifted her blinds up and saw Chelsey – whom was virtually naked – fighting to escape the house, with a number of men attempting to drag her back inside. 

Chelsey refused to be cowed by her attackers and bravely attended a march calling for them to be brought to justice

Chelsey then fled with the Turkish-looking gang of men giving chase. Somehow she gave them the slip and, having good local knowledge of the area, made her way to her uncle’s home that was fortunately nearby. He drove her home to her fiancé. 
As soon as she reached the safety of home, Chelsey instantly passed out on the sofa – where she remained for several hours. When she awoke and spoke to her partner, they decided to call the police. 

Officers arrived and Chelsey was advised to attend a Reach Sexual Assault Centre. They found two different semen samples – one inside her – as well as traces of Rohypnol in her blood. Furthermore they found her to be extensively injured, with many of the cuts and abrasions consistent to having been brutally raped. 

Chelsey has received huge support from the people of Sunderland

Police went to the property from which Chelsey had escaped – that turned out to be a shared home housing a number of male Syrian and Iraqi asylum seekers. Six arrests were made, all supposed “refugees”. 

Despite the “refugees” potentially being a danger to other women and clearly being a flight risk, they were astoundingly released on bail and moved to a safe house! Then on 24 March of this year, the CPS and police dealt Chelsey a final slap to the face as they made the astonishing decision to drop all charges against the alleged rapists, citing “lack of evidence”. The “lack of evidence” claim is all the more incredible given that police have refused to take a statement from a witness living in another neighbouring household to the refugee accommodation, whom potentially has vital evidence. 

To make matters even worse, Chelsey’s brother is currently in prison for going to the asylum seeker lodgings where his sister was raped, on the day of the incident. It would seem the police – and the mainstream media for that matter – as always, are more worried about protecting poor persecuted Muslims and “refugees” than the British women and children that they rape. 

Some of those attending Saturday’s #justiceforchelsey demo in Sunderland

As such the #justiceforchelsey campaign has begun, markedly so with a huge demo held in Sunderland last Saturday. If you have an ounce of compassion for Chelsey’s plight then please get the word out there by sharing this article and any others that you see, the video link at the very bottom of this piece, and by signing the petition linked below. Let’s get this scum off the streets before they do this to anyone else. 

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