Corbyn: Government Needs to Overhaul its Counter-Terror Approach to Stop Muslims Feeling Singled Out.

Labour leader calls for security overhaul in wake of the Westminster Islamic Terror Attack, “as placing muslims under suspicion is counterproductive”

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Jeremy Corbyn – who previously said that he is “not happy” with British anti-terror cops or security services operating a “shoot-to-kill” policy in the event of a terror attack, and who’s key ally Christine Shawcroft called for British troops to have “cups of tea” with ISIS terrorists – used this week’s ITV’s Preston on Sunday program to call for a massive reformation of British anti-terror procedures, so as to ensure that Muslim communities do not feel singled out. 

Speaking of the government’s Prevent program, the Islington North MP opined that focusing terror investigations on the Muslim community and no one else: “looks to say there is a kind of suspicion over the whole community and it’s actually often counter-productive.”

Prevent is a multi-agency programme that seeks to stop people being lured into terrorism in situations where there are risks of radicalisation, such as the Internet, prisons, Islamic faith school’s and mosques. 

Corbyn during his bizarre rant about singling out Muslims on ITV’s Preston on Sunday program

The Labour leader is no stranger to sticking up for terrorists. Just last week the long-term terror sympathiser paid tribute to the thankfully dead mass-murdering former IRA commander Martin McGuinness – whom ordered the Warrington bombing that ended the lives of innocent 3 year-old Johnathan Ball and 12-year-old Tim Parry, along with another 55 other tragic victims that were either killed or maimed on that horrific day. They were among hundreds that died either on McGuinness’s orders, or at his own hand. 

Corbyn was a long term friend of child-killer McGuinness

Speaking of the child-killer, Corbyn sycophantically tweeted: “Martin McGuinness played a huge role in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland. He was a great family man and my thoughts are with them.”

Mass-murderer McGuinness’s long term friend Corbyn has also previously described Islamic terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends”. Both Islamic terror groups have killed thousands.

Corbyn wearing a black and white Keffiyeh – as favoured by Palestinian terror group Hamas at an anti-Israel rally

Corbyn went on to say: 

“I’m saying broaden it into an agenda of inclusion… focus it on all communities.

“I talk to people in the Muslim community, I talk to people in mosques, I talk to people in churches, I talk to people that go to synagogues, all kinds of different faiths and different groups,”

A clearly delusional Corbyn then launched into a bizarre rant about imagined far-right terrorism and institutional racism: “Deal with the issue of far-right extremism within our society, deal with the issue of racism in our society, deal with the issues of discrimination within our society, deal with the issues of the perceptions of stop and search within our society.”

Despite recent scenes of Islamic carnage in our capital city, Corbyn feels that anti-terror cops should shift their focus to “far-right extremists”

The interview came in the wake of the Westminster Islamic Terror Attack which saw Islam-crazed lunatic Khalid Masood kill five people and injure 50 more after mounting the pavement on Westminster Bridge, callously mowing down pedestrians, and then launching into a frenzied knife attack against PC Keith Palmer, whom died within the gates of the Houses of Parliament. 


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