Baroness Warsi: Westminster Terrorist was a “Violent Christian Long Before he was a Violent Muslim”

Tory peer and top taqiyya expert Baroness Sayeeda Warsi blames “racism” and claims Christians, Buddhists and Hindus also “commit extremist acts”

Monday 27 March 2017

Andrew Marr grills Warsi

Muslim peer Baroness Warsi has sensationally criticised counter terrorism policy, saying it is wrong to focus on Islam! Appearing on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday, clearly believing it wrong to focus the majority of anti-terror resources on the demographic group responsible for the vast majority of terror incidents, She said: 

“One of the questions I’ve asked for a couple of years is what actually makes a violent Jihadi? What makes a terrorist?

“My argument has consistently been that the government has been obsessively focused on just one – which we refer to as Islamist ideology.”

When asked by Marr how the police and intelligence agencies should track down terrorists, Warsi sarcastically sneered: 

“There has been a narrative that says Muslim people know who these people are.

“And not only do they know them but they’re condoning them and sheltering them.

“This is a man who was born in a Christian home, born in a fairly comfortable home, seemed to be living a fairly good lifestyle, was popular.”

Khalid Masood, who became a killer after converting to Islam

Islam-crazed Khalid Masood, 52, butchered five people and injured a further 50 in Westminster last Wednesday, before finally being shot dead by anti-terror cops. Warsi insisted though that “He was a violent Christian long before he was a violent Muslim.” 

Warsi then seemingly sought to blame white Brits for Masood’s actions: “If you go back to the GBH he was convicted of in early life there’s some suggestion that the argument he presented to court was that he had been racially abused.”

Marr pushed Warsi as to why Islam is the religion of choice for violent drug taking criminals wishing to convert, pointing out: 

“They don’t convert to evangelical Christianity or Hinduism, they choose Islam.”

It was then that Warsi sensationally claimed that there were people around the world who were Christians, Buddhists and Hindus that committed acts of extremism! Of course the reason violent and sexually deviant men gravitate toward Islam is that it is the only religion that both allows and encourages their behaviours. Further, the reason that so many criminals that convert to Islam become terrorists is that they are left so guilt-wracked and terrified of hell due to their earlier behaviours coupled with their new found devotion to Islam, that they feel compelled to repent and assure their place in paradise via the only avenue left to them – martyrdom. Jihad. The same is true of natural born muslims that are involved in criminality in younger life before becoming more religious later on. 

Masood was thankfully shot dead by anti-terror cops

Marr then pointed out to Warsi that “there is a strain of modern Islamic thought that is extremely aggressive and sees life on this planet as an eternal fight between the righteous and the Kaffirs”. Warsi responded in predictable fashion, by claiming that violent verses can be found in any religious text and that violent men use them as justification to be violent – without elaborating as to why it is always violent muslim men using violent Islamic texts. 

With ‘moderates’ like Warsi spouting this sort of nonsense the problem of Islamic terrorism is destined to continue to flourish on these shores for the foreseeable future. 


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